Complete Basic

Orange Basic is essential in the plant’s life because of the calcium that it adds to the feeding water. Without Orange Basic this nutrient line is incomplete. Growing healthy plants is impossible if the other nutrients are not properly combined with this product. Add Orange Basic to the water first, then mix the water thoroughly and wait for a little while before adding anything else!

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Complete Grow

Orange Grow is the most important fertilizer to use in the early life of the plant. Orange Grow accelerates growth processes and provides a complete diet for the grow phase of plants when combined with Orange Basic. Use Orange Grow as long as the day/night-cycle of the plants is focused on growth of the plants.

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Complete 1

Preparation of flower formation is done in the first week of 12/12. Use Orange 1 next to Orange Basic for this week to ensure perfect pre-flowering. Orange 1 does not reduce the vigorous growth of the plants, but it does make sure that the plants do not forget to generate shoots in the process. These shoots eventually develop into buds.

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Complete 2

In this week and the previous, the plants have shown a large amount of vertical growth. By substituting Orange 1 for Orange 2 in the feeding mix, you will effectively influence the plants’ growth so that they stay somewhat compact after the second week of flowering. This automatically prioritizes the vertical growth of the side-branches as opposed to the main stem.

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Complete 3

The third week is all about the completion of flower formation and the end of the explosive vertical growth of the shoots. Orange 3 is used in this week to shift the balance in the plants’ diet to a more potassium and phosphorus based one. The added phosphorus makes sure that an extensive flower field is created.

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Complete 4

Orange 4 extends the potassium boost that Orange 3 started. Flowers have started showing all over the plant and the first buds have started to grow. The plant is ready to take in as much light as possible to build up mass. Orange 4 makes sure that the focus of the plants’ growth is shifted from creating flower sites, to developing buds.

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Complete 5

The plants will be focused mainly on developing buds in the fifth week of the blooming phase. The various flower spots start to grow together to create long-stretched buds. The use of Orange 5 will continue to tilt the balance of the nutrients towards potassium and trace elements. Nitrogen levels are continuously reduced starting this week.

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Complete 6

The sixth week of flowering is the starting point of weight build up in the buds. The buds will widen immensely and it is important to keep cell walls in this phase hard, and under tension. Orange 6 will make this happen and will make sure that the big buds that have been developed will also add weight to the scale.

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Complete 7-8-9

The final stage of the flowering phase started with the sixth week of flowering in which Orange 6 ensures that the weight and size of the buds will increase. In the following weeks (7, 8 and 9), the balance in this diet will get even more extreme. The diet is very low on nitrogen, but high on potassium, phosphorus and trace elements. Orange 7-8-9 is used throughout the last weeks of plants’ lives, all the way to the end. The product is highly concentrated, so be careful not to overfeed your plants.

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